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Professor Dave HobbinsDave Hobbins is a Professor of Forestry and Environmental Studies at the University of Maine at Fort Kent. Professor Hobbins holds an M.S. in Forest Pathology and a B.S. in Forest Resources. He has also received the Outstanding Faculty Award three times and is a member of several groups such as the Maine GeoSpatial Education Consortium and the Society of American Foresters, Maine Division.

Professor Hobbins has written and presented on several occasions within the last few years. His primary focus recently has been with how map design effects the color blind, or the "color vision impaired."

The following are three videos (parts 1-3) that discuss the different types of color blindness, the different populations who are color blind, and map design principles based on aspects of color blindness.

Part One


Part Two



Part Three



Recent Papers, Presentations & Publications

Hobbins, D. L. (in press). "Map design for the color vision deficient." In S. Brunn (Ed.), Changing world language map (Chapter 31). Springer. Abstract available at: (link no longer available).

Hobbins, D. 2016. "What You Should Know About Color." Scholar's Symposium. University of Maine at Fort Kent. 26 April 2016.

Hobbins, D. 2016. "Consider the Older Audience: Color in Map Design." Maine GIS User's Group and Maine GIS Educator's Conference. Freeport, ME. 5 February 2016.

Hobbins, D. L. 2016. FOR290 - Forest Mensuration Coursebook. University of Maine at FORT KENT. 341 p.

Hobbins, D. L. 2015. "Map Design for the Color Vision Impaired.” iGETT Institute, South Dakota State University, 26 June 2015.

Hobbins, D. L. 2015. "Graphic Design for the Color Vision Impaired." Faculty Institute, U. Maine Augusta. 14 May 2015

Hobbins, D. L. 2015. FOR242: Map and Aerial Photo Interpretation Coursebook. University of Maine at FORT KENT. 176 p.

Hobbins, D.L. 2012. "Community Projects and Low Costs Ways to Implement GIS." Joint Meeting of the Maine Municipal Assoc. and Maine GIS User's Group. Portland, Maine. March 1 2012.

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