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Photo of the Library Entrance

Blake Library

Facilities and Equipment

3D printer and printed hand
Blake Library's 3D printer and printed hand

Rooms, sections, and offices

Audio/Visual room: The Audio/Visual room is located on the first floor of the library. It has a viewing cart that consists of one television and one DVD/VHS player and the Assistive learning station which includes a computer station, a scanner, a document reader, and a variety of software to help assist people with needs.

Circulation area: Located at the front of the library on the first floor, the circulation area houses library billing, checkouts and check-ins, reserve materials, requestor materials, interlibrary loan pick up and drop off, and much more.

Computer Labs: The Library has available one computer lab and a number of computers elsewhere in the library. There are a total of 20 student computers, a printer, a projector and screen, and one instructor station. The computers are available for general computer use. However occasionally classes are scheduled in the lab and a sign is posted to notify students. Please check by the entrance to the lab for scheduled classes.

Education Center: Located on the first floor there are three ranges of materials with two sets of tables and chairs nearby. The ranges consist of the Young Adult, the Juvenile, and the Curriculum Collection materials. Next to the closest set of stairs and on top of nearby VHS cabinets are additional manipulatives, games, and kits.

exhibit space
Partial view of the exhibit space

Exhibit Room: The Library offers exhibit space for students, faculty, staff, and community members to use. Any individual or group interested in using this space should contact Sofia Birden for more information about scheduling an exhibit. Please see the Exhibit Area Policy for use guidelines.

The exhibit area is located on the first floor of the library. The space consists of five walls of space, two partitions with four walls each, and two display cases. See the layout for the size of the space.

The General Collection: The general collection, also known as the "stacks," is located both upstairs and downstairs. We use Library of Congress Classification which begins with letters versus the dewey decimal system's numbers. The A's through the HN's are located downstairs while the HQ's through the Z's are upstairs. The Oversized books are also upstairs.

Quiet Room: The quiet room provides added quiet for study, testing, or other academic related need. Six carrels are available for individual use. Four are near outlets for plugging in laptops. No group work is allowed in this space.

Reference area: The reference area is located near the front entrance on the first floor of the library. The area consists of a reference desk, three public computer stations for looking up books and articles, one multimedia station on which to use CD-ROMS, and a printer.

Serials area: Our journals, magazines, and newspapers are all located on the first floor of the library. The area includes a couch and two tables and chairs for relaxed reading. The serials can be browsed, or for specific topics you may search on the public computer stations located nearby.

Special Collections: The Special Collections room is located on the first floor. The Special Collections holdings include serials, books, and primary documents related, for the most part, to the Saint John Valley with some exceptions.

Viewing and Study room: The Viewing room houses a mobile television/vcr/dvd station. This room may be used to view videos on reserve for classes or as a quiet group study area. However viewing needs have top priority.



Computers and printers: The Library provides access to computers for research and work applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, graphic design, and more. One laser printer capable of printing both color and B/W is available for use from the public computers in the library. For more information on computer availability on campus, visit Information Technology web site.

Microform Readers/Printers: The Microfilm/ Microfiche reader is located in the room next to the computer lab. The New York Times film and miscellaneous fiche is located in the main section of the library. If you need access to microfilm other than the NYT, please let staff know.

Photocopier: The photocopier is located on the first floor near the reference area. The copier is self-serve, copies in black and white, and is $.05 per side for standard sized paper.

student scanning documentScanning and Graphics Station: There is one station located on the first floor. The Scanning and Graphics Station allows patrons to scan and manipulate images. The setup includes a computer, scanner, alternate format trays (e.g. slide tray), HP Solution Center scanning program and graphic design programs. There is an additional scanner in the computer lab, but the station does not have specialized software.

Television Cart: There are two Television carts, each located in a room at either end of the library. The carts consists of a television, a DVD/VCR player, and remote controls.


Equipment that can be checked out:

General: headphones and other general equipment may be checked out at the circulation desk.

Special: Video cameras, digital cameras, headphones with microphones, digital audio recorders, webcams and laptops may be checked out at the same location as our general equipment. However some restrictions apply. These items are not available to community patrons and in some cases students must have authorization from faculty to take out of the library. These items are also for educational purposes only. See the Circulation department for more information. Community patrons may contact the Audio/Visual department at 834-7507 for information on equipment availability and cost to use.



Keep the library clean: Blake Library staff are very happy to allow food and drink in the library. However, we rely heavily on students being responsible for cleaning after themselves. We very much appreciate students' continuing efforts to keep the library clean.

Wireless access: Blake Library has two wireless access points in the building. These access points are based on an 802.11b/g standard. You are welcome to use a wireless device in the library. Students gain access to the wireless by registering their device. To do this you simply open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, click on register, then sign in with your university email user name and password. Community patrons have access to a guest account called UMS-GUEST. Once you connect to this account, you should be prompted for your email address. Guest accounts are active for four hours at a time.