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Proxy Bookmarklet at UMFK

Need to access an article online? Are you being asked to pay for it? Did you search the open web instead of your library’s tools?

No problem!

The UMS Libraries Proxy Bookmarklet allows you to quickly and easily access restricted journal articles and ebooks discovered on a publisher’s website while conducting research on the open internet.

When you are prompted for a login, or hit a paywall, the proxy bookmarklet will reload the page through the University’s proxy server and return you back to your journal site as an authenticated user assuming our library has access to that particular resource. (If you still don't have access, send the information to or to see if we can get it for you).


To install the proxy bookmarklet on your desktop or laptop computer and to learn how to use it (with examples to try), see instructions below.

Installation & How to Use

Click on the appropriate browser link below to follow the directions for installing.

Google Chrome







The proxy bookmarklet is compatible with most browsers that use and authorize javascript. The instructions provided for each of the browsers are based on the current browser versions as of October 2019 for a Windows computer. Menu wording may vary slightly for Apple computers, mobile devices and older browser versions.

How to use the Proxy Bookmarklet

  1. Once installed, navigate to a web page that is restricted (see examples to try below). 
  2. Click on the proxy bookmarklet in your browser’s toolbar. You will then be redirected through the proxy server where you may be asked to enter your credentials or last name/barcode.
  3. After logging in, you will be returned to the original web site with authenticated access if our library subscribes to the resource. (If you still don't have access, send the information to or to see if we can get it for you.)

Two examples to try:

On-Campus or Off-Campus: 



(In general, the bookmarklet is for off-campus, but sometimes you may need it on-campus. Most resources are available on campus without the need of the bookmarklet.)

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